Q: How do I use the chiller?
  1. Remove the chiller from the wine carrying tote.
  2. Place chiller into a freezer for at least 4 hours.
  3. When ready to use, remove the chiller from the freezer.
  4. Place your favorite bottle of wine into the chiller.
  5. Place both bottle and chiller into the carrying tote. Your bottle of wine will be perfectly chilled for hours
Q: What is the chiller made of?

A: The chiller encasement is made of high-impact styrene and plastic. This mixture allows for expansion and contraction during the freezing process without cracking. The cap is made of the same material, and sonic welded to create an airtight seal.

Q: What is inside the chiller?

A: The chiller is infused with a non-toxic compound that consists of acrylic acid, polymers, and sodium salt.

Q: What material is the DUAL TOTE made of?

A: The Dual Tote is made of three layers to ensure maximum insulation of interior temperatures, while protecting from exterior temperatures:
– Outer layer: 1689 Ballistic nylon (same material used in bullet-proof vests)
– Middle layer: Closed-cell foam
– Inner layer: Flexible aluminum sheeting

Q: How do I clean the CaraVino WINE TOTE?

A: Both the leather and cloth CaraVino can be cleaned using a wet towel.

Q: How do I clean the DUAL TOTE?

A: The Dual Tote can simply be placed into a washing machine.

Q: How long does the chiller need to be in the freezer before using?

A: The chiller needs to be in the freezer for 4 hours in order to be fully effective for the longest amount of time. If possible you should always keep your chiller in the freezer so it will be ready to go when you are.

Q: What else can I put into the chillers?

A: The chillers are not only for wine. Any beverage can be cooled, including baby milk, water bottles, champagne, soda, juices, canned coffee, thirst quenchers, etc.

Q: What are the size dimensions of the CaraVino Wine Tote?

A: Both the leather and cloth CaraVino dimensions are 15.5″h x 5.5″w x 5.5″d. The chiller measurements are 6.75″h x 5″w.

Q: What are the size dimensions of the Dual Tote?

A: The Dual Tote dimensions are 14.5″h x 13″w x 5.75″d. The chiller measurements are 6.75″h x 5″w.

Q: Where can I take the CaraVino and Dual Tote?

A: Take the CaraVino and Dual Tote anywhere you would like. Some of our biggest fans love taking them to the beach, picnics, family dinners, and even concerts.

Q: What is the wine opener made of?

A: The wine opener is made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Q: What does the Dual Tote come with?

A: The Dual Tote is made of two individual totes, which can be zipped together and carried as one tote. It comes with two chillers, a wine opener, a carrying strap, a net compartment on the inside, and a Velcro pouch on the outside.

Q: When zipped up, does the Dual Tote protect the wine from outside temperature?

A: Yup! Its triple-layer material prevents the inside temperature from escaping, and the outside temperature from entering.