I’m Joy, President of ChillnJoy. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me, just like my father, who came to the U.S. from Italy. The idea behind ChillnJoy products is to cool beverages quickly, and keep them cool for a long period of time without the need for refrigeration.

The quality and craftsmanship are top of the line. I take the totes to places I really enjoy such as picnics, parties, restaurants, beaches, friends’ houses, and even when I’m at home. ChillnJoy provides a complete collection of portable cooling products for your everyday activities.  The gel-infused chillers and totes let you chill your beverages while you are on the go, and keep chilling until your last sip. These stylish products can also be used to chill various bottles of champagne, sparkling wine, alcohol, and water.

Joy Leffler
President – ChillnJoy LLC
“I hope you nJoy the products as much as I do”